10/14/2008 18:20

This website gets tens of thousands of hits, from thousands of different places.  Guess what single workplace tops the list? -- the East Bay Regional Parks District's offices!

It's safe to say that our campaign has the attention of the District.  So, since you're all listening, let us say this.

10/06/2008 21:40

Absolutely unbelievable photos from the far side of Mission Peak.  We couldn't make this up if we tried.  Come read our latest EBRPD Hall of Shame update!


10/02/2008 00:50

We've received, completely unsolicited, a sobering indictment of the EBRPD's practices from a longtime employee, who has given us permission to post it anonymously:

"As a former employee, I saw and was subject to all abuses.  The bad thing was working with a highly paid, but very lazy staff, a management that was bloated and didn't care about the true mission of an open space agency, and an aloof and distant (pompous) board of directors.  I believe all the forefathers of this once great agency are spinning in their graves.  I WILL VOTE NO [on Measure WW], and tell all my friends.  Believe me this isn't sour grapes, but being part of it, I can attest to the waste."

09/26/2008 13:06

This just in: our worst EBRPD Hall of Shame entry so far!  Join us for a tour of Anthony Chabot Regional Park.

09/19/2008 15:14

We're not accountants, but something is definitely wrong at the EBRPD.  Just updated and published: the "Waste" section.

09/19/2008 00:06

We've posted three new articles about what happens when you let the EBRPD control your parklands:

Redwood Regional

Pleasanton Ridge

The Ohlone "Wilderness" Trail

There are more to come, and we'll post them as we get the time.

09/11/2008 21:55

See the "Environmental Destruction", "About Us", and "You Can Help" pages!  The rest of our content is under construction, so please pardon our dust.


09/11/2008 17:26
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