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10/14/2008 18:20
This website gets tens of thousands of hits, from thousands of different places.  Guess what single workplace tops the list? ebparks.org -- the East Bay Regional Parks District's offices! It's safe to say that our campaign has the attention of the District.  So, since you're all...
10/06/2008 21:40
Absolutely unbelievable photos from the far side of Mission Peak.  We couldn't make this up if we tried.  Come read our latest EBRPD Hall of Shame update!  
10/02/2008 00:50
We've received, completely unsolicited, a sobering indictment of the EBRPD's practices from a longtime employee, who has given us permission to post it anonymously: "As a former employee, I saw and was subject to all abuses.  The bad thing was working with a highly paid, but very lazy staff, a...
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